How To Increase Page Speed On BigCommerce To Increase Traffic And Conversion

Increase Page Speed On BigCommerce

How To Increase Page Speed On BigCommerce To Increase Traffic And Conversion

In the fast-paced world, it has now become must for us to deliver fast services in whichever sector you have been dealing. Customers do expect immediate results especially in the world of eCommerce wherein you have to fulfill their wish at the fingertip. Apparently, if you are selling a completely proprietary product in the market customers might get screwed and leave your online store with no reason but due more loading speed of your website. And gradually, this will not only hamper your sales but will show a significant effect on conversion rates leading to more bounce rates. You would also observe that the Adword campaigns, organic keywords ranking, and your overall online presence will get a manor impact of the single mistake.

So let’s rectify our own mistakes or keep alert while building a new website and understand that how does it affect your business success


  1. Customers Seek AttentionOne of the most important and priority factors about building good customers is to give them attention. If you simply focus on grabbing their attention, your half task is done. It is truly said, if you focus on 20% of the priority task, rest 80% would be done at a snap of your finger.  Focusing on your store’s loading time will make your further actions buttery smooth leading to a positive conversion graph and reducing bounce rates. Adword campaign would lead to improved keyword searching.Put your time and efforts in the right place and ensure that you have the fastest page loading website.
  2. Google Also Dislikes The Sluggish Page LoadsGoogle uses page speed as one of the ranking factors. It is obvious that users too would dislike the website that keeps them waiting until the page gets loaded. This is bit frustrating for customers leading to bad user experience, resulting in loss of sale for the time consumed in loading the page. Single second matters while loading the page of a website. More the time consumed in loading the page, more you loose on your sales figure. Certainly you are paying at the end of the day.So, organic ranking along with increased score speed is the key to success.

If you have the same obstacle, we can help you to clear the hurdle

We at Atlantix Digital help you to take the tour to enjoy the low hanging fruits first. Initially, we make sure that the categories, brands and web pages have been listed only once. Generally, we have experienced that the typical websites will have the large list of links showcased twice, thrice or even more. This takes more time for customers to land on the landing page.

Shaving off the unwanted line of codes with some lines of JavaScript would be a wise decision.

Right quantity of content rules in the market

Content creation is must for a website to get the fastest scrolling on Google, but having unnecessary content on the website will lead to low speed and repeating the whole story again. In other words, the content itself will make a lower percentage of the source and pushes down your website further. Ultimately resulting in putting more burden on your pockets.

Image Optimization

Another factor that leads to the slow website is huge dimensioned images which are really not required for the website. This creates additional weight incorporating several megabytes as unnecessary resources that user needs to download. This will hinder the mobile users visiting your website with limited data or poor wifi connection. The reason we suggest to optimize all images with compressing tools by reformatting the file algorithm in order that file size gets reduced without affecting the quality of the image.

How to increase your BigCommerce store’s speed?

Connecting to right BigCommerce partner is the smart choice. How about contacting the Certified and preferred BigCommerce Developers or Partners and moving swiftly with the first step to load your store page faster, understanding and fixing the problems from roots. Here at Atlantix Digital, our founder has 10+ years of experience working on BigCommerce. Get your store rank higher and enjoy the fruits by converting more sales with lighter and efficient codes

Let’s continue to build better websites, stay successful with the perfect dedication to ensure that our website’s landing pages load at the lightning fast speed.


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