7 Things you should know before you switch to the BigCommerce Stencil

7 Things you should know before you switch to the BigCommerce Stencil

Transitioning from BigCommerce Blueprint to Stencil is a complex job but if you prepare a set of actions, it will help you launch your website without any chaos.

1. Move existing customization carefully

It is very important that you don’t just switch over your store without migrating you existing customization. Make sure you carry forward all customization that you have in your current store. It can be custom JavaScripts, custom category or product templates or any other design elements. It is very important that you prepare a list of task that need to be carry forwarded and check it thoroughly.

2. Tracking Codes

Tracking codes are very crucial part of this migration. If you will miss them, it will be very hard for you to get accurate statistics of your store. Those can be Google Analytics, Google AdWords Conversion Tracking code or any other tracking code for any third party apps.

3. UI/UX Compatibility

This is one of the very important factor that you must consider. Make sure your theme works well across all browser with your products. Sometimes, you might have added html codes in banners, category descriptions, web pages or product details page. This might works well with your existing theme but it may not work very well with other theme due to hard coded elements or CSS.

4. Third Party Apps

We use various apps for collecting reviews, email marketing, loyalty programs, custom site search or any other apps. Those can be KudoBuzz, S Loyalty, Shippers HQ etc. Each apps have their own tracking code that must be placed inside specific file, if you will miss them, you app may not work well.

5. Site Seal

Feeling secure while transacting is a trust factor for a buyer. Make sure you move all site seal such as Google Trusted Store, GeoTrust, Authorize.net or Live Chat.

6. Checkout Experience

Blueprint theme was using standard one page checkout whereas stencil is using optimized one page checkout. If you had written any custom script in past, that may not work well with stencil. By that means, you don’t have control to modify any elements. However, BigCommerce is planning to allow user an access to checkout files but it is in beta stage at the moment. You might require to request BigCommerce to unlock that feature specially for you.

7. SEO Credibility

Make sure your new theme is followed by proper w3C convention in order to keep your organic rank maintained. Avoiding this point may harm your ranking and that can directly lead to your revenue flow.

If you look at above list, it is very simple and straightforward. If you follow it, you can have very smooth transitioning experience.

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