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BigCommerce Questions and Solutions by Atlantix Digital

How to display currency sign/country flag in bigcommerce? How to add video in home page slider in Bigcommerce? How to display "Sign In/Login" popup in BigCommerce? How to add bulk products in cart? How to display SKU in Product list Bigcommerce? How to enable/disable newsletter signup form in Bigcommerce? How to search products by category in Bigcommerce? How to export web pages to another store in Bigcommerce? How to display products in List View/Grid View in Bigcommerce? How to add custom products tab in Bigcommerce? How to add third party reviews...

Increase Page Speed On BigCommerce

How To Increase Page Speed On BigCommerce To Increase Traffic And Conversion

In the fast-paced world, it has now become must for us to deliver fast services in whichever sector you have been dealing. Customers do expect immediate results especially in the world of eCommerce wherein you have to fulfill their wish at the fingertip. Apparently, if you are selling a completely proprietary product in the market customers might get screwed and leave your online store with no reason but due more loading speed of your website. And gradually, this will not...

7 Things you should know before you switch to the BigCommerce Stencil

Transitioning from BigCommerce Blueprint to Stencil is a complex job but if you prepare a set of actions, it will help you launch your website without any chaos. 1. Move existing customization carefully It is very important that you don't just switch over your store without migrating you existing customization. Make sure you carry forward all customization that you have in your current store. It can be custom JavaScripts, custom category or product templates or any other design elements. It is very...